The Role Of Social Media In Today's World

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The emergence of Social Media in today's world has really been tremendous, given the fact that there were times when we communicate externally only via post mails. However, as we Humans grow daily so as our ways of thinking grows as well and today as we speak the globalization has been made easy via social Media. People don't have to pay to send a card abroad to loved ones; people don't have to waste money in sending text messages to friends and families. All we do nowadays is to log on to a phone or computer and I can communicate to the world with just one click.
The impact of social media globally plays a vital role not only in easy and fast communication, but linking business to business together, finding lost ones, chatting, sharing pictures
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It refers to users’ activities, practices, and behaviors occurring through media via sharing information, knowledge, and opinions. These technologies are internet-based and they facilitate creativity, information sharing, and collaboration among users indeed, social media puts great emphasis on sharing, participating, and collaborating processes and activities. Social media, social networks and social communities provide a new form of collaboration and communication for users.
Social media marketing is marketing using online communities, social networks, blog marketing and more. It's the latest "buzz" in marketing. India is probably among the first proponents of social media marketing. These days, the organizational cause has replaced the social cause as companies seek to engage with their audience via the online platforms.
In this, we will be studying the effectiveness of social media applications in event organizing as well as various methods of implementing the ever growing applications such as Facebook and Twitter, into essential steps of event
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The methodology applied during the research has a key importance, thus special attention must be paid to the entire research process starting from the identification of the problem, determination of objectives, collection, and analysis of data all the way to the conclusions and recommendations,something that was observed during the writing of this paper.
As main sources of information, used in compiling this paper, were secondary sources, sources accessible through internet, and the existing literature in the field of marketing in general and social media marketing in particular. Sources used are many scientific articles on social media marketing and general literature on marketing, the results of these articles and the opinions of their authors have been analysed and compared to fulfil the aims of this paper. These sources have provided sufficient information and material to conduct an analysis of benefits and challenges that Organisation face when adopting social media marketing, which made it possible to fulfil the aims of this
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