The Emigrants In China

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The Emigrants
Today, China is one of the largest and most influential countries in the world. It is common knowledge that China is a very powerful and expansive nation. It ships its products all over the world to other countries. Chinese people live almost everywhere, in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and of course Asia. How and why did the Chinese people spread from their large country to all over the world?
Despite its massive size, the nation that is now China started out small. The people living there called it “Zhongguo”, the Middle Kingdom. This is probably because the Chinese thought that their country was the middle, the center of the world. In its early years, it was very isolated, thereby giving the people the impression
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However, in China, there have been continuous conflicts, small and large, ever since its beginning. There always seems to have been a dispute in some place in China that leads to fighting. All of these conflicts have divided and relocated people and sometimes have caused food shortages. It is commonly agreed on that the Shang were the first main dynasty in China’s history of ruling dynasties, but there may actually have been a predecessor. The Xia from 2100 B.C were thought to be more mythological, but evidence shows that they may have existed. Nevertheless, the Shang is where most history textbooks start for Chinese civilization (Edmonds). Around the year 1650 B.C., the Shang people took control of a northern part of China around the Huang He River. During their rule, the Chinese flourished. A social class system was developed, religion and philosophy emerged, a writing system was made, farmers grew crops for food, and skilled artisans produced exceptional handicrafts. Nevertheless, the government did not keep a hold of the whole civilization. Nobles and warlords loyal to the king would govern pieces of land, much like city-states (Ellis). They ruled until about 1045 B.C. when a new people marched in from the west, defeated the Shang, and established a new dynasty, the Zhou dynasty…show more content…
The dynastic cycle revolved around the idea of the Mandate of Heaven. The Mandate of Heaven, in essence, was the divine right to rule with support from gods. If the ruling dynasty proved too weak, it was believed that events like invaders, floods, famine, earthquakes, and other disasters were signs that the rulers had lost the favor of the gods. A new dynasty would rise up in the chaos and establish a firm rule. This cycle would go on throughout the centuries of Chinese dynasties. The cycle prompted fighting each time it started, so some people moved to find more peaceful
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