The Emperor's New Clothes Analysis

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Always Expect More Fairy tales and parables are more puissant than any other speech or book, because of their impressive impact on people all over the globe. Not only do they teach many lessons, but they are also very entertaining. For instance, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is a very famous folk tale about an Emperor who gets tricked into purchasing an invisible outfit because of his selfishness and pride. The Emperor also goes out in public “wearing” that outfit and, in result, embarrassed himself in front of his whole kingdom. To most people, this may seem like a worthless, little story; however, that is because most people nowadays never seem to look for more treasure or dig any deeper than what is on the surface. Most people are also too…show more content…
The Emperor 's New Clothes also “dramatizes the dangers of habitual blindness in the name of social discretion.” Basically it means that this story is meant to open the eyes of those who are “blind” and just follow the crowd as if they have no brain of their own. However, as a result of a child’s ignorance, children do not seem to understand what society “requires” because they tend to do the noblest and bravest things. According to Hollis Robbins, “the child does not see invisible labor.” Everyone played along and said that the outfit was so worthy and magnificent while nobody actually saw anything. However, the child was the only one to admit that the king was not wearing clothes because everyone else was afraid that people would think that they are impure; but with that one confession everyone was finally able to say the truth. Oh the “self-delusion of adults and the literal-mindedness of children” (‘Spotlight on Literary Elements’). In simpler terms, most adults seem to fail to recognize reality, while children tend to take everything literally (kind of like how Amelia…show more content…
In contrast, if he was humble and said to the tricksters that he was not worth the majestic clothes, then he would not have gotten in this giant mess in the first place. McCarthy also stated that “honesty is a rare virtue.” The whole problem started off with the lie that the clothes was invisible, then the minister lied so he can keep his position, then the emperor lied to make sure no thought that he was impure, and sure enough, the whole ended up lying and “describing its beautiful colors and patterns. Saying the truth was the hardest thing to do in that situation but this was, of course, only easy to the child who did not have enough knowledge about his dignity. According to Forest Rain, “truth is the key to freedom.” Everyone was uncomfortable and annoyed that they were all lying but once the child said his part, everyone was laughing and felt free because they no longer had to hid an important secret. Also, saying the truth in general is always the better way to go. In summary, pride and lies will lead to trouble, worries, sin, and strife, while humility and the truth will lead to joy, peace, freedom, and
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