The Emperor's New Clothes Short Story Summary

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Term project 1. Title of the story: Hans C. Andersen, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Hans C. Andersen’s Fairy Tales. Herfordshire: Wordsworth. 1993. P221-225. 2. Age group: For students about 10-12 years old. 3. The design of the literature program Term 1 (Five 1-hour lessons) (Reading & understanding “The Emperor 's New Clothes” through readers’ theatre) Lesson 1: 1. Stepping into the story: The main theme of the story: "The Emperor 's New Clothes" tells a funny story about a stupid emperor. He was fooled by two cheaters and believed that he was wearing the most beautiful cloth in the world. In fact, he wore nothing. So he appeared in the public in naked. Finally, a naive child firstly found out the truth. This story mercilessly exposed the social evils. And it is also an irony of the hypocrisy of adult world. Those two swindlers could easily cheat all the ministers because that they all not willing to admit themselves were foolish. The aim of the story is to criticize the hypocrisy of adult, and to highlight the importance of the honesty. This story warns us that we have to ponder over other’s opinions dialectically. And when we face our weakness frankly, we can make improvement. 2. An activity A game: Guessing the plot of the story (Supplementing the plot of the story, imagination training.) The teacher reads the beginning sentences of every plot of the story. And the teacher stops to allow the students supplementing some details of the story or expanding the plots.

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