The Empowerment Of Women In Amy Lowell's Poetry

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Poetry is way to express oneself by using unique thoughts and putting them into words. Specifically, female poets, use their poetry as a way to show their experience with internal conflicts. Throughout this anthology we decided on the theme of “women.” Being the only table with strictly females, as a group we agreed that choosing poems with this topic would be beneficial to us, and the reader. Over time, females have experienced oppression, abuse and inequality. Learning how to cope with these issues, has enabled women to realize their self-worth. Through understanding our capabilities as women, we have begun to take pride in ourselves and our bodies. The poems we chose go into depth with some of the issues that women face in their lifetime. The empowerment of women is crucial to benefiting today’s society and without experiencing hardships, women would have never been able to…show more content…
They also show that women are more than just their physical appearance. In the beginning of the poem “Pretty” it shows how society makes girls insecure towards their outwardly looks. However, towards the end it signifies the fact that there is so much more than just being “pretty.” The next two poems are very similar in that they focus more on how to believe you are more important, than what society wants you to believe. “A Lady” by Amy Lowell talks about a younger woman looking up to an older woman, that has found her true identity. The younger woman uses an analogy to compare the older lady to “an old opera tune.” The poem explains that with age, comes maturity; and with maturity comes self-love. In the poem “You are More than Beautiful” Rupi Kaur, feminist and author of Milk and Honey, states she “wants to apologize to all the women [she has] called beautiful before [she’s] called them intelligent or brave. This exemplifies that inwardly beauty will always out rule outwardly
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