The Empty Soul Analysis

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There are rumors around spreading about a serial killer we called "The Empty Soul". No one knows if that person is a male or female but that person is the most brilliant serial killer they say. His/her victim are drug addicts, rapists and those who betray or does not do what the person promises. They were drugged and killed in most gruesome and brutal way that no one could imagine yet their faces are unscathed. Eyes left open and seems to be staring at the abyss. As if they weren 't conscious while being killed. No sign of horror, panic and any kinds of emotions, in other words, blank expression. There were witnesses but were unable to see the true face of the murderer. Yet there were fingerprints left yet we found no match of it. We had no…show more content…
Tsk, I wonder why people are so scared of the murderer when he/she kills only the drug addicts, rapist and traitors. I heard someone came in to my office so I faced the entranced and it was my partner in crime. The lady killer, those mesmerizing fierce eyes, well-toned body and that perfect curved lips are enough to make every girls take him home but I am not one of them. He is suspicious of me because everyone knew that I’m the best detective and investigator here and they knew that I solved crimes easily even those cases that seems impossible. But I think he changed because he had been sweet and gentle to me but what I like about him is how he was dedicated to his job that my charm did not even worked on him. They say that my beauty is mesmerizing like men would kneel and worship me or take me as their wife or would do anything just to get me under their pants. My scent is what made me even to die for and my perfect curved body. I grinned at that thought but I removed the grin and seriously looked at my partner crime named, Mossimo Sherlock an ace in investigating. I cheerfully smiled and greeted him while he just gave me a serious look and told me that he have found a clue. Upon hearing that my smile vanished and my inside’s wants to burst out and fly into
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