The End Of Suburbia Analysis

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The dependency of oil has grown to an alarming number. This valuable commodity can only last for a short amount of time. What happens when the world is completely depleted of this liquid gold that is used in our everyday lives? The documentary The End of Suburbia highlights how dependent America has become on oil products. The Documentary shows the actuality of how long the Earth can sustain the amount of oil depletion, peak oil consequences and environmental effects of oil use. Oil depletion was not on the minds of many americans until the oil crisis of the 70’s. The End of Suburbia showcases the effects of the actions of OAPEC. The oil crisis began in October 1973 when the members of the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC, consisting of the Arab…show more content…
The non renewable fossil fuel is highly controversial due to disagreements on when the peak happens. The End of Suburbia discusses the Hubbert peak theory which makes predictions of production rates based on prior discovery rates and anticipated production rates. Hubbert curves predict that the production curves of non-renewing resources approximate a bell curve.Many researchers believe that the world is already on the downward slope and that is utterly terrifying. Running out of oil means the food we eat, the cars we drive and the entertainment that humans love will all slowly but surely disappear. Without the normal comforts that many people have come to know and love what will happen to our society? Lastly The End of Suburbia talks about the environment. The environment is key to our survival without it we will surely adapt or go extinct. The effects on oil and the environment has truly been brought to the forefront of the population's mind. The End of Suburbia essentially asks if the suburban life is sustainable throughout time and with massive oil depletions. Will Americans be resilient to overcome the oil
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