The End Of The Paw Analysis

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The End of the Paw In the White house there has been some peculiar behavior going about. Sergeant Major Morris has considered giving the Whites a magical monkey paw, but instead he throws it on the crackling fire. Consequently, Mr. White had saved it, but soon regrets it because, Herbert soon dies with the White’s first wish.
As Mrs. White opens the front door, Mr. White struggles to reach for the talisman on the table and make his third wish. Nevertheless, he then grabs the paw, but, is too late. He could not make the wish. She opens the door into the night, and as she does, Herbert is waiting to greet her.
They settle onto the sofa and question Herbert on how he is alive. They thought he had gotten killed in a machinery accident. But, they were obviously wrong.
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White wants to answer, but, Mrs. White interrupts him, “Well we got a 200 pound will for your death, you were in a machinery accident.”
Herbert counters against his father, “A machinery accident that’s, that’s absurd. We all know that one of my co-workers got caught in the machinery, it was a very sad day. Don’t joke around about that father.”
“We’re not messing around, that’s what happened.” Mrs. White sadly defends.
“Who told you that story Herbert?” Mr. White questions Herbert. The Whites, perplexed, are sure that Herbert was the one that died in the machinery accident.
But, Herbert is sure it was his co-worker. “Story, what story?” Herbert asks puzzled. Mr. White is unsure but, he thinks he knows what is going on.
“The paw, the paw, it’s the one that’s doing this. Our second wish was to get our son back, Herbert,” he tells his wife,” Sergeant Major Morris was right.
“We should have burned it, burned it while we had the chance.” Mr. White realizes.
“We can still burn it, it’s never too late, is it?” Mrs. White questions.
“I don’t think it’s that easy, we’ll have to contact Major Morris.” Mr. White
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