The Endurance: Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition

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The Endurance: Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition (1998), a nonfiction book by American author and journalist Caroline Alexander, chronicles the most famous expedition by explorer Ernest Shackleton when he and his men were stranded for more than a year on the Antarctic ice in an attempt to circumnavigate and map the frozen continent. Exploring themes of discovery, survival, teamwork, and the age of exploration, The Endurance is considered one of the best and most detailed books on Shackleton’s expedition; it was adapted into a critically acclaimed documentary film (2000) directed by George Butler. The Endurance begins by setting up the events that led to Shackleton’s most famous expedition. Conceived by the legendary explorer in the aftermath of his successful Nimrod expedition seven years earlier, which brought Shackleton and his men closer to the South Pole than any team had ever reached, the Imperial Trans-Arctic Expedition set sail from the British islands of South Georgia in late 1914 and sighted Antarctic land five weeks later on January 19, 1915. Soon afterwards, they encountered their first sign of trouble when their ship was beset by pack ice in the Wendell Sea. The crew was composed of Shackleton and a hand-picked crew, including Second Officer Tom Crean, known by the men as “The Irish Giant”; meteorologist Dr. Leonard Hussey; expedition photographer Frank Hurley, famous for his daring lensmanship, as well as the crew’s beloved sled dogs who were cared
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