The English Language And The Value Of English Literature

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possible for him to get the access of the things he wants. And this has become possible only because of English. In the present time, English is not any particular nation’s property. Because of decolonization and neo-colonization, hegemony of western world over English language is waning and it has become the language of each nation and many cultures.
Though English was introduced in colonies like India basically for the study of literature and culture, market value for literary studies has gone down in the present world. Only effective communication skills in English- both spoken and written- have market value. In the professional world, English is needed for facing interviews, oral communication, seminars, conferences, discussions, meetings and writing resumes, writing reports, writing letters etc. And it is the chief means of communication in the areas of business, finance, medicine, technology, education, legal and official matters. English is the demand of call centers too. Ability to put oneself in expression is the demand of market. So English is much needed for the Internet world and IT professionals. If you are proficient in acceptable world market English, you are through. The study of literature has become a specialized field and it is not the need of the marketability. That is why, it is the need of the hour to teach language and not literature.
Before 1986, traditional method of teaching English language was used in schools. More attention was

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