The English Language In The Modern World

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In today’s modern world, the English language not only limits itself to native speakers from countries in which English represents one of the official languages, but it is also spoken by a large amount of people living all across the globe. Gone are the days in which English was mainly used in the western hemisphere, as it is now a frequent subject taught in schools as well as the language sealing business deals and defining the internet usage in many more parts of the world. This rapidly emerging linguistic expansion raises the question as to how well English is established in foreign countries and whether it differs from British or American English.
From 2010 to 2011, I-Chung Ke and Hilda Cahyani, two researchers active in linguistic analysis, conducted a study at two universities in Indonesia and Taiwan to investigate the use of English as a Lingua Franca in two countries found inside the ‘Expanding Circle’ of Kachru’s World Englishes model. Through this, Ke and Cahyani tried to find out whether certain differences to English spoken by native speakers would arise, how the questioned students would make use of their knowledge of English while conversing with another non-native speaker, and how important it was to the users to have the ability to converse in proper, accent-free English.
The study involved students of the countries Taiwan and Indonesia with average proficiency in English who were asked to communicate with each other in English through several social media

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