The English Language: The Importance Of Pronunciation

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Introduction Language is important because it 's one of the fundamental ways to communicate and interact with other individuals around us. It keeps us in contact with other individuals around us. The English language is an example of the importance of language because it is the international language and has become the most important language to people in all around the world. It is most broadly utilized in communicating around the world. Meanwhile, there are some problems in pronunciation among the non-native speakers.Non-native speakers are someone who is learning a language they did not learn to speak when they were a child. They might find it difficult to pronounce English words because the amount of exposure of their native language is higher compared to the English language. English is only used infrequently as it does not assume a noteworthy part of their communication every day. The pronunciation or sound of their native language can influence the English learners. Pronunciation is important to study a language. Good pronunciation ought to be one of the primary things you learn in English. We can live without advanced vocabulary because we can use straightforward words to state what you need to state. We can live without cutting-edge sentence structure because we can utilize straightforward language structures. In any case, there is no such thing as easy pronunciation. What 's more, the results of bad pronunciation are appalling. Regardless of whether you use proper

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