The English Language: The Importance Of Teaching

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The English language is a vast flea market of words, handed down, borrowed or created over more than 2000 years. And it is still expanding, changing and trading.( English, with all its vagaries and annoying inconsistencies, remains the single most important and influential language in today’s world. Throughout history, it has repeatedly found itself in the right place at the right time: English-speaking Britain was the leading colonial nation in the 17th and 18th Century, it has also proved itself the most flexible and resilient of languages, remarkable for its ability to adopt and absorb vocabulary from other cultures. (www. the history of Teaching is the range of professional duties performed by teachers which is wide and extensive. At the heart of a teacher 's role is the promotion of learning for all pupils. The skills do teachers need to know are how to employ the most effective teaching and learning strategies to enable children and young people to make progress, be able to assess what their pupils know, understand ,can do, and then use this assessment to plan future teaching and learning activities, have high expectations for all their pupils, of whatever class, race, gender or ability, know how to motivate their pupils - to do this, they need to be effective role models for the pupils they teach. All of above factors requires energetic and motivated teachers which in
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