The English Patient Xenophobia Quotes

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Xenophobia in The English Patient The English Patient makes the reader ask themselves questions such as, “why do humans form nations?” This book has an opinion on nations, and the opinion is; humans form nations to give themselves the sense of belonging and community; this can become problematic when certain populations look down on other groups of people solely based on their nationality. The effects of xenophobia on individuals is explored through Kip and Almasy, they both undergo a nationality change. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are also explored in this book from a sociological perspective giving an opinion that the bombings happened due to xenophobia. I argue, the novel, the English Patient demonstrates the effects of xenophobia on individuals and on large populations. The act of a large community of people antagonizing other segments of the world’s population has been happening since the dawn of humanity. The idea of hating others based on their nationality is a form of xenophobia.…show more content…
These quotes show how colonial power put in place artificial borders which have no merit because the desert is always changing. Almasy also criticized Western Nations for putting up borders for money and power. “Kip and I are both international bastard-born in one place and choosing to live elsewhere,” (Ondaatje 176) this quote exemplifies how Almasy does not like being part of the nation people label him with. After Almasy became “nationless” in the desert, he helped the Germans navigate the desert. Almasy assisting the Germans proves how he has become fully disconnected from his original nation. Almasy falls victim to xenophobia when he is in desperate need of help, but people from a nation that is different from his own don’t trust him due to his name. In a way, xenophobia killed Kathrine; Almasy was unable to get to Kathrine in time due to xenophobia, and because he was unable to reach her in time she
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