The Enlightenment Age: The Rationalist Option

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That is an interesting question. In reading more about the 'Rationalist Option ' from our text, gave me more understanding of its principal aspects, or a distinct feature of the Enlightenment age. This Enlightenment Age consists of the use of reasoning by using their minds more than technology; example, using calculators instead of using our mind to figure math problems. Many Philosophers believe in the power of the mind to think, understand and form judgments by process of logic which learned and engaged in philosophy or as an academic discipline (Oxford Dictionary, 2017). Philosophy is the act of studying of how to understand our existence and how to come to know what is good, true and real. It is an academic discipline that also has…show more content…
The Enlightenment gave an excellent example of the effects of education. Education by Descartes gave a great impact. He had created formulas and theories that are still being used to this day because they believe in their ability to think, and to reason in order to create. Therefore, there are no limitations to what we can accomplish to achieve, and no restrictions on how to do for yourself. Our mind is unlimited in its potential to create whatever we desire. The majority of their lifetime, these philosophers took the time to educate themselves by focusing on specific studies. The word of God says, "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed" 2 Timothy 2:15 (KJV). Obviously, this is for every study in life. These Philosophers, like John Locke, had the abilities to take the time in his life to come up with answers to problems. He studies to address the problems of human behavior of society led to a revolution in thinking known as the enlightenment thinkers; and to believed to solve every social, political, economic issue; which should be the way how people learn from education. Technology has taken people minds to a different level that desensitized their capabilities of natural learning and abilities to think for themselves to create. Kant mentioned that being lazy, coward, or depending on someone else is an issue to many problems of today education. Being responsible for taking action is faith (Mark 16:16). Kant stated, "It is so comfortable to be a minor! If I have a book that understands for me, a spiritual advisor who has a conscience for me, a doctor who decides upon a regimen for me, and so forth, I need not trouble myself at all. I need not think if only I can pay; others will readily undertake the irksome business for me" (Blunden, A., 1996). In my opinion, our society in academic education has been an important way from commanding the progress of education, but when it comes to history, you 'll find the
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