The Enlightenment And The Enlightenment In The 17th Century

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The Enlightenment was mainly influenced by the Scientific Revolution in the 17th century. The revolution has brought the fresh outlook of the world to the public by various scientific discoveries. The enlightenment thinkers advocate the people to use the scientific and rational point of view. It was used to understand and interpret the natural laws of the world through the human reasons rather than the supernatural action. It was made more educated Europeans to increase the acceptance of the scientific views on the physical world. Furthermore, the enlightenment was challenged the existed of religious and traditional thoughts patterns. The thought of Enlightenment thinkers and Religious thinkers was absolutely different. Deists think that God was the creator of the world, the natural world was created and controlled by the god. On the other hand, the philosophes emphasis on the rational and scientific methods, also in opposition to the religious concept. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, "the goal of enlightenment was to understand the natural world and humankind 's place in it solely on the basis of reason and without turning to religious belief." As we can see that the thought of Enlightenment has a large contradiction with the concept of Judeo-Christian. It was broke the traditional, no longer to use the theological or Christian concept as the authority of knowledge. Moreover, the enlightenment encouraged to believe in human reasons and dare to seek the
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