Philosophers And The Enlightenment

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The Enlightenment changed the way governments were formed. People were ruled by the government and were not given rights. People were controlled with fear and treated like animals. It led to people questioning and searching for answers which led to the age of reasons. The Enlightenment was the period that philosophers questioning how the government ruled their countries. Philosopher’s words mattered because the words brought dramatic changes to government (Race and the Enlightenment). Philosophers are one of the reasons why governments dramatically changed in the Enlightenment Period. John lock was one of the biggest philosophers that had an impact in changing governmental ideas. John Locke defended the claim that all men have the rights of…show more content…
“Although born good people are corrupted by society”. (Christopher. “Journal of Church & State”). People may be innocent but can be changed by their surroundings. Citizens should have same limits to their rights so innocent people do not get tangled in someone else’s mess. By Jean-Jacques Rousseau coming up with the idea that limit citizens powers it led to less chaos. Many philosophers thought that politics change, could only come from the actions of a…show more content…
Adam smith wrote a book about the Wealth of a Nation. “In Adam Smith’s book, Adam Smith talks about business management which played a key role in building society”. (Adam, Smith. An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations). In Adam smith’s book it talks about three laws of having a staple business. In law one it talks about self-interest. Citizens work to get money, and then people buy food and other things. During the process citizens lose money. Law two talks about competition, if one person had a family store and that person made dressers and the other person also had a family store and made dressers. Each time family store number one build a dresser, family store number two would make a better one which would led to a competition between the two family stores and better dressers for the people to buy. Law number three supply and demand. Family store number one makes one dresser each three months and family store number two makes four dressers each three months. Then the people are going to demand for more dressers, as the depends gets higher. Family store number one and two make one dresser each two hours. By people demanding more supplies, the family stores are going to want to make more dressers faster, which leds to factories and better supplies for the people to buy. (Adam, Smith. An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes
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