The Entertainment Industry: The Impact Of The Entertainment Industry

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Nowadays, entertainment industry is a large and growing industry. According to New Straits Times, the entertainment spending as a function of income and it went up by 15% from 2000 to 2008. It showed that the entertainment industry is getting whole lots of profit. For example, the amount of content produced in music, movies, books and video games is growing at an incredible rate. The entertainment industry or we should call it “media industry”. The industry usually gets a wide variety of companies that helps to provide products and services that consumers love most. Entertainment industry consists of other huge industry such as the media industry, sport industry, gaming industry and other industries. Besides, entertainment industry helps the society a lot such as advertising products, packaging the product, release our stress and others. Entertainment industry also known as the biggest industry and it was a multibillion dollars industry. In every countries, the government care about the industry very much because it reflect the image of the countries. Entertainment industry has a great impact on the society nowadays because entertainment attract people’s attention and interest of the people or it gives us pleasure and whole lots more. In this century, every people in the country were very focus on the news of entertainment industry and people very care about the entertainment because it has becoming one of our basic lifestyle. According to some researcher, there are 80% of

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