The Environment: The Dangers Of Environment And The Environment

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Nowadays environmental problem is the one of the most significant threat facing the world. Most of the agricultural regions became the desert wastelands and damaging the bio-diversity because of deforestation leads to climate and environmental changes. Especially, the coldest and hottest parts are worse. Most people do not understand why the climate changes take place in many regions of the world. Being cold in winter, being hot in summer, and raining in the rainy season are simply natural. So, it is said that they are gifts of nature. Nobody hopes they will be faced with the natural disasters or climate changes. There are many kinds of natural disasters such as floods, droughts, earthquakes and passing the waves of the cold and the hot throughout the world. All of them are very dangerous in every time. In reality, nobody can prevent them. When the happen, people know. At that time, everything is too late while they are experiencing. The depletion of the forests and trees are threatening the community of human beings.
Indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are harmful to living creatures. Moreover, animals act as regulating elements in the dynamic equilibrium of nature and their disappearance can have severe consequences. Among the endangered species are the orangutan, rhinoceros, falwn and the major pollinators in growing crops such as honeybees, humming birds and bird wing butterflies. Industralization can make various kinds of pollution such as air

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