The Environmental And Environmental Impact Of Oil Accidents

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Accidents are a detrimental factor in many different industries and constitute a potential source of human loss, equipment damage and environmental impact. As the Petroleum refineries are generally acknowledged to be high hazard sites (Wood and Guenes, 2015) it is important to take into consideration that in a number of cases, the resulting fatalities and serious injuries can cost millions of dollars. The risk of accidents is associated with the presence of thousands of tonnes of oil into various product lines each year many of which are flammable, toxic to human health or toxic to the environment and under such conditions that an uncontrolled accident could have significant consequences to the immediate area (Christou, 1999). The consequences of such accidents cover various levels and may affect not only the industrial sites, but also have environmental and socio-economic impacts (Kadri, 2013).
Every year, industrial accidents causes a number of deaths, injuries and property loss due to petroleum refining operations. Industrial accidents have become a threat to human safety such as the accidents at the Skikda refinery in January 2004 and October 2005 and the accident at the Arzew refinery in 2007 (Chang and Lin, 2006). Besides that, petroleum refining unavoidably generates considerable volumes of oily sludge during oil production and processing activities (Dibble and Bartha, 1979), oil pollution accidents have nowadays become a common phenomenon and have caused ecological

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