The Environmental Causes Of Rapid Population Growth In Africa

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According to the UN’s calculations there are more than 7 billion people on the earth today when 200 years ago there were less than 1 billion. Populations have grown 3 times faster between the 1900’s and 2000’s (Ortiz-Ospina, E, & Roser, M, 2016) Rapid population growth is a cause for alarm because of many factors. The drastic increase in population could cause detrimental factors for societies and the world as a whole. Factors including environmental strain, governmental strain in producing services, cramped and unhealthy living conditions. A city or countries population can grow because of many reasons such as migration, increase in birth rates and decrease in death rates. Johannesburg’s Inner City Johannesburg can be used to show how population increases can lead to harsh living conditions. Johannesburg’s inner city has been described as “overcrowded, dangerous, dirty, mysterious and illegible to the uninitiated.”(Murray 2011 pg: 144). Around 400 000 people live within an estimated 42 000 residential units (Murray 2011). To any standard that would be perceived as an overcrowded area where most of the residents make up the ‘working poor’ section of the population (Murray 2011). Where there are many more people housing and space for new housing is scarce and people are forced to live in smaller more cramped living conditions. The area is littered with drug dealers competing for space with hawkers and the homeless (Murray 2011). Many buildings have taken over by squatters

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