Summary: The Problem Of Global Warming

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A dangerous atmospheric deviation is one of the greatest environmental challenges that face human today. One of them is the global warming. Harmful gases are the main causes for this problem as they pollute the atmosphere, subsequently cause global warming. Also, the increase in the usage of chemical fertilizers in agriculture is very dangerous that it helps in causing this problem too. Accordingly, human health will be badly affected, and people migrated from their countries. This essay will tackle the problem of the global warming, its causes, effects and the previous solutions attempted to it. First of all, according to Huang and Li (2014), the global warming problem is very complex. Harmful gases can be one of the main factors…show more content…
Many diseases will appear, and it will get to be more continuous and broad; for the most part reflecting as the expanding grimness and mortality, particularly intestinal sickness, hookworm, cholera, meningitis, dengue fever and different irresistible sicknesses will debilitate the tropical locales and nations. Some sickness fundamentally happening in tropical areas may spread to the mid-scopes as the atmosphere warms, This can be a disaster facing human because it threats the man kind in general (Huang and Li, 2014). Another significant effect due to the global warming is the migration. According to Cray (2013), weather change is liable to build the quantity of atmosphere exiles. Some people leave their homes as a result of dry season, flooding, or other atmosphere problems which are caused by the global warming. This social disturbance can lead to civil troubles, and may even cause military problems and other unintended…show more content…
We are facing a global climate crisis. It is deepening. We are entering a period of consequences. The major consequence of global warming is its dangerous effects on Earth’s climate as well as human health. The major change of climate over some regions causes social disturbance and Asylum, seeking shelter in a different regions may lead to a civil war or even a military involvement. That’s not the only reason global warming should be faced, human health is also a major issue as it is affected by the very same reasons causing global warming. That’s why Solutions such as utilizing alternative fuels should be followed strictly to keep human race out of harm way. In addition to the important role of the governments as it has to do everything that is good for nations to protect the human kind from global
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