The Environmental Effects Of Pollution

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People pollute every day, some without realizing what it does to the environment, but can these effects be prevented or not? Pollution is the release of harmful substances into the environment. These harmful substances can be found in air, soil, water, thermal, radioactive, noise, and light pollution. Some people think pollution can be prevented because of all the precautions one can take, while others think pollution cannot be prevented because people use easy and inexpensive ways of resources and energy.
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Pollution can be prevented with the right precautions. The government, for example, is working on practices that work towards lessening pollution. “Earlier this year, EPA launched the Methane Challenge
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According to an article,‘“Many technologies can be used to remove pollutants from soil and water. For example, charcoal filters can remove contaminants; certain chemicals can neutralize or bond with pollutants; microorganisms can be used to break down chemicals; and certain plants can be used to extract or break down pollutants”’ (Mavis Kent 2017). As these pollutant-reversing technologies are being created, it is developing a new way people can view pollution. Technology is usually at easy access to many, so if these new technologies that are reversing the effects of pollution become very accessible to everyday humans; there could be a huge movement for pollution prevention in the near future. Not only are new technologies taking a stand to pollution, so are factories. According to a N.A.S.A. video, “coal burning plants have cut out a lot of the harmful pollutants before they reach the air” (CNN 2014). Factories are a big part in the contribution to pollution. By coal-burning plants trying to eliminate their amount of pollution, it can make a huge difference in how much cleaner the air can be. On the other hand, many people do not believe in the reverse, nor prevention of…show more content…
Many people do not think twice about the pollution they are putting into the environment because it is so easy to access such materials that cause pollution. “Many things that are useful to people produce pollution” (National A typical lifestyle of an American is surrounded by technology. From the cars that are used for transportation to how food is cooked is all driven by technology. Some of it can be prevented, but some of it cannot. Especially when the temperature outside drops. “Very cold weather in December 1952 led residents of London, England, to burn more coal to keep warm. Smoke and other pollutants became trapped by a thick fog that settled over the city” (National, 2011). This incident may have been able to be minimized, but it could not have been prevented because people needed heat. But, not only is the need for heat a cause a pollution, so is the waste of every human. “Some experts say the globe's trash troubles are at a crisis level” (Ann M. Simmons 2016). Many do not realize how much is thrown away or littered among the environment. The more trash that it is rid of improperly; the more landfills that are created. This limits the amount of clean space on the environment, which many do not think

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