Environmental Effects Of Water Pollution

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An adequate supply of safe drinking water is one of the major prerequisites for a healthy life (Harrison, 2014). Here in the United States we are blessed with many environmental resources, however we do not realize the importance of those resources let alone how to use them correctly. For example, the water quality in countries like India is greatly affected by the pollution of their rivers, lakes and seas. The main reason for this pollution is due to the excessive industrial, agriculture and sewage waste/runoff. Recently there has been a major concern for the quality of water and the concerns of water pollution in the U.S. Water pollution can brought on by human activities. Some activities that cause water pollution are industrial
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In the early years of industrial development, persistent wastes were generally discharged without any regard for the environment (Sullivan 2005). This issue started soon after the industrial revolution, as we could now generate a greater production of goods and fuel, like coal and wood. However, with this increased productivity come an even greater risk of water pollution than before. The effect of industrial waste can have a detrimental effect on the environment if it is not taking care of or reduced. Industrial waste pollution has the ability (depended on the severity) to kill plants and animals, disrupt ecosystems, degrade air quality, and possibly degrade the quality of life (Naaz 2010). Industrial waste includes a wide range of impurities including poisonous substances such as mercury, cyanide and lead. When these toxic wastes are discharged into rivers there is a poisonous effect to the aquatic life living in those rivers. So then later it turns to harms the people who then consume those aquatic…show more content…
Crude oil is used in the production of petroleum products such as fuel for airplanes and cars and to heat our homes. Although the use of crude oil makes our lives as humans easier, it can also handicap us. For example, in Texas especially, there is an oil production technique used called hydraulic fracking. Hydraulic fracking is mainly used to increase oil production. Consistent use of hydraulic fracking can have some effects on the environment. Fracturing rock requires large amounts of water, and it uses potentially hazardous chemicals to release the oil from the rock strata (Oil 2018).
Human Waste The first waste disposal problem encountered by humans was the disposal of their own waste products (Sullivan 2005). While people generally focus on industrial waste as a major source of water pollution, human waste is equally important in water pollution. Human waste is not just household waste, it also includes solid and commercial waste.
Polluted water contains viruses, bacteria, and many intestinal parasites. Using polluted water as a drinking purpose is linked to be the major cause for waterborne diseases like diarrhea, malaria and dysentery.
Chemical fertilizers Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used by farmers to protect crops from insects and bacteria. By using fertilizers and pesticides plant growth is promoted. However, these chemicals often end up getting

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