The Environmental Impacts Of Globalization And The Work Environment

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1. Three of the environmental influences that an organization face are:
i. Globalization: this may be defined as the integration of firms expanding their sales or manufacturing to new markets as international trade. With globalization there will more competition between firms. Thus, making employees be more productive. However, integration of international markets have led to costs for some companies and as well as it benefits others. Therefore, these are a result of three effects of globalization which are the expanding of markets, cheaper resources or perhaps a mixture of the two. ii. Technology: every organization can have the advantage of technology; reason for this is that technology helps organize the work environment. Once there are software available designed for specific jobs work will be more efficiently. However, the new era technology that ranges from smart phones to tablets saves time and energy. These devices help business associates take calls on the go as well as staying in touch with the office. Not only does technology saves time and energy, it also cut cost as well. For instance, conference calls can be done between clients through the internet, thus saves plane fare and hotel costs. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that technology can erase the human touch if it is carried too far. An example is where a healthcare facility may use only electronic data for patient medical records. An impact of this would mean that the facility will need to employ

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