The Environmental Management System

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An environmental management system or EMS is management system put into place that is based on a continual cycle of planning, implementing, improving and reviewing the processes and actions an organization or company undertake to meet its environmental obligations and generally keep things running smoothly. An EMS is based on Planning , Checking and Acting(PDCA). Planning sets out to establish objectives and processes which need to deliver results in accordance to environmental processes. Doing sets out to implement the processes set out in Planning. Checking involves monitoring and measuring the processes against the obligations set out in the environmental policy. The step of Acting, the company or organization takes action to continually…show more content…
An EMS certification certifies that a company or organization at hand does conform with all specified environmental regulations and standards set out by the environmental policy. This specific certification process is known as the NFS-ISR ISO 14001 environmental management systems certification process. This means that the standards that are required to attain the certification are set out by the International Organization for Standardisation. The NFS-ISR is an independent organization that tests, audits, certifies, trains and consults companies and organizations who are involved with food, water, health and the environment . It is important to note that the NFS-ISR is the mother company that appoints a team who conduct the process and the process alone. The team would be made up of members who have specific purposes and actions. However the team can't perform all actions because they don't have the direct authority needed for some steps, for this reason, the NSF-ISR are also involved in the process in certain steps. However the team are the soul conductors of the process.
The NSF-ISR ISO 14001
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The masters agreement consists of members of top management agreeing to standards and regulations set out in the environmental policy. It is also important to note that even though the process takes nine steps, there are two main stages. The On-Site Readiness Review (ORR), this stage verifies that the company or organization at hand is in fact able to comply with the MS. In the Second stage(Certification audit), the audit team basically conducts an on-site audit to confirm that the organization or company is enforcing, governing and conforming with the standards set out in the MS according to the environmental
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