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The character of Beowulf Beowulf is the oldest and the longest poems written in English. It was completed in about the eighth century. One of the most important is about the heroic deeds of Beowulf 's life. There are three great fights in his life. The first is to fight against Grendel and save the Danes. The second is to fight the Grendel’s mother and help Hrothgar to save Danes again. And the last one is to fight against the dragon. According to the Beowulf the three great battles, we can describe the personality characteristics of Beowulf. Through this performance before and after the three times of struggle, it can be seen Beowulf some psychological thoughts. At the same time, through the Beowulf some words as you can see his personality…show more content…
So Beowulf became king and rules the Geats for fifty years. In my opinion, this is a big turning period for Beowulf, he became a ruler from a soldier. His concern it is not only his honor, but also the people 's life and peace. The last battle in Beowulf old age, dragon destroy the Geats. Beowulf couldn 't endure dragon harm to his country, he hopes his as the leader of a country and former warriors, to make the final contribution. Even if he is anticipate this war will be the termination of life. It’s fully embodies his conscientious personality and his courage. He believed that through their own struggles can retrieve the treasure. In the battle, his soldiers because of fear and ran away except for Wiglaf. In the result, Beowulf finally killed the dragon, but his arm was injured by the venom of the dragon. I think in the battle, Beowulf also behave a little impulse, he know he will death, but he still to fight with dragon. Beowulf 's last wish is hope people will always remember his heroic deeds .In the end, Beowulf corpse cremation with his treasure. As can be seen Beowulf is a very attention to reputation and want to get people’s identity. In general, Beowulf is a brave and responsible, have the ideal person, The three times of battle, the first two is to help Hortghar destroy the monster. His character is largely influenced by his father, he lost his father when he was younger, so he let himself become more powerful, he want to be the people 's heroes, because his father had received Hortghar help, so Horghar also hope to get return from Beowulf. Treasure and reputation is a status symbol, so beowulf 's life in trying to

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