The Epic Hero: Beowulf As A Heroic Hero

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What does it mean to be heroic? People quite often called protagonists heroes even though it’s not often true. A protagonist is always trying to achieve the goal while the antagonist is always trying to stop the protagonist from achieving it. A hero is someone who is selfless, honest, confident, caring, and courageous. Beowulf is a heroic character in the poem. He shows his brave deeds, his strong responsibility in leadership, risking his own life for the greater good for his people, his courageousness and strength for fighting against demons, and lastly, his faith and gratitude. With his courageous heroic personality, Beowulf has always stayed on top of the game throughout the whole poem. Therefore, Anglo-American culture is impacted in a…show more content…
We have heard of those princes’ heroic campaigns (pg., Line 1-3). A heroic character does not have to be perfect or immortal, but somewhat the traits of a superhuman. Beowulf embodies into the traits that make him an epic hero because of some of the traits that were described into the poem with his physical strength, his courage for facing extreme danger, and the loyalty to his superiors and to his men who serve him. In addition, the part when Beowulf was fighting with the dragon, being his last courageous fight, has shown that he has the courage to fight for his people from any danger. Unlike the other great warriors who left Beowulf to fight the dragon. A person by the name Wiglaf has shown his first test by staying with Beowulf (Pg., line…show more content…
In one scene of the poem, Beowulf’s strength is nearly, or maybe, as a superhuman. The reason why is because, during his fight with Grendel, it has caused more destruction then any human can ever cause (Pg., line 774-781). Another interesting scene was when Beowulf had to go fight with the dragon. He explains why he should fight the dragon and allow himself to benefit from having armor and weapons when the battle begins. As we know about the dragon, the dragon has his own special advantages like poisonous venom and the ability to breath fire. Beowulf thinks it’s not enough to battle with the dragon. He states that he’ll have to meet the dragon on a certain level by playing on the field by presenting his own strength and powers without any use of weapons (Pg., line 2518-2524). As I mention before Beowulf’s strength, strength plays an important role for a character being

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