King Hrethel's Heroic In The Epic Of Beowulf

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What does it mean to be heroic? People quite often called protagonists heroes even though it’s not often true. A protagonist is always trying to achieve the goal while the antagonist is always trying to stop the protagonist from achieving it. A hero is someone who is selfless, honest, confident, caring, and courageous. Beowulf is a heroic character in the poem. He shows his brave deeds, his strong responsibility in leadership, risking his own life for the greater good for his people, his courageousness and strength for fighting against demons, and lastly, his faith and gratitude. With his courageous heroic personality, Beowulf has always stayed on top of the game throughout the whole poem. Therefore, Anglo-American culture is impacted in a…show more content…
No matter what the task was, he stands up for his people to show them that a hero never backs down no matter if they are bigger and stronger than them. He sacrificed his life for his people for they had honored him for everything he has done for them (Georgianna, 1987).
On the other hand, in the article of The Hero as Keeper of Human Polity, it describes how Beowulf is a good example to be a productive art. Not only does Beowulf represent heroic in the poem, but the poem is presenting “virtue as an act that sustains and vice as act that disrupts human brotherhood” (Kroll, 1986). Therefore, both of the articles are expressing and showing that heroic isn’t just something that they do for good. Heroic is something that they have to sacrifice themselves for others. Beowulf isn’t just someone who does good but has a purpose to sacrifice everything to keep his people together. Overall, being a hero can be defined in many different ways. A hero can be someone who is selfless, honest, confident, caring, and courageous. The main character Beowulf falls under a heroic character because he honors his country and using all his powers and strengths to protect others. His courageous has also shown him not to hesitate and to risk his life to fight those that are
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