The Epic Hero In The Play Antigone

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In the play, ¨Antigone¨ There was a royal family that fought to the death and killed themselves. They were a type of family that knew each other too well. The old king and queen had a baby and the baby ended up marrying the queen at the time. She killed herself and Oedipus, the baby, blinded himself and then died. They had four children, the two brothers fought to become the king but both died in battle. Antigone killed herself and her fiance, Haimon, tried to kill his dad, Creon. Haimon died by accidentally stabbing himself. Creon was the last person in the family alive and the play foreshadows his suicide due to the loss of his family. In the play, there is an epic hero. A epic hero is a person who had a noble birth and has great courage and strength. The epic hero is Antigone because an epic hero needs to be strong, rich, has courage and other great characteristics. She saved the town by not having a curse put on it. A curse was put on the town because the old king was not buried. Polyneices, one of the brothers, was not supposed to be buried by the decree of King Creon; however, Antigone knew that a curse was going to be put on the kingdom. She quickly threw dirt and coins on…show more content…
She made a big impact on her society and family. She was the strongest one out of her family but she still had to die. It was for a reason but the community needed her. Her sister was willing to die with her, Haimon died by fighting for her, and she died by letting Creon know what he did to his own family. He did not want to bury his own nephew, he wanted to kill Antigone for burying Polyneices, and tried to kill his own brother because the kingdom had a curse on it. He had too much power and needed to calm down and think what he was doing. Antigone knew that this was the right to do and did without being afraid or sorry for it. She was helping Creon, Ismene, and the community, and they did not realize that she was helping them until it was too
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