The Epic Of Beowulf Is A True Hero

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I have read hero-myths & Legends of the British Race during my summer holiday. In my mind, I think Beowulf was a true hero.
Everyone, in different ages, in different minds, will have different definitions of heroes. But there are some commons about the hero’s definition from the ancient times to the present, in different countries. Beowulf, a brave warrior, had good characters which make me think he was a true hero.
Brave was Beowulf, kind to men, of extraordinary strength, warrior in Danes, loved by all the Danes. Beowulf was so brave that he had the courage to fight with Grendel, one of mankind’s most bitter enemies, Grendel’s mother, a terrible sea-monster, and finally killed them. A warrior who had strong stature, great strength can’t be a hero, unless he was brave enough that he can use his strength to protect his people. Beowulf was the hero who used his power rightly to protect his people.
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Beowulf was a hero, not only because he was brave, but also he protected Danes, brought peace to them, because he was a good king, even when he was almost eighty years old, he was still brave to fight with the fire dragon, what a pity was that he died, with the fire dragon. He was a true hero who devoted his life to protect his people; he was the hero who held his sword and his shield to fight with the whole
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