The Epic Of Gilgamesh: My Epic Hero

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My Epic Hero Wow! Don’t you wish to have a hero on your world? Saving people’s life’s, your family, friends, etc.. . That would be the best thing ever. Back then on 2,000 B.C , there was a hero name Gilgamesh. He was the first guy i heard about being hero on this world. Its like 500 years old. The Epic of Gilgamesh was an actual historical figure, a king who reigned over the Sumerian city-state of Uruk around 2700 B.C. He struggle in life a lot but after his death they had someone to prayer invokes him as “Gilgamesh, supreme king, judge of the Anunnaki. Some young men name Luis A’guag, went and find Gilgamesh. He was so scared and shaking. When he showed up with king Gilgamesh, He said, “What can I help you?” Luis said, “King Gilgamesh,…show more content…
He went running and next thing you know you hear something strange a big loud noise and he try to find where it was coming from and he noticed the big fat monster leg, all hairy and flurry colored Black . He grabbed his long sword. He got closer, and closer to the monster. Then the huge monster stop what he was doing and stated sniffing. He smelled human blood. He turned around and looked he was behind him and nothing. Gilgamesh was the other way behind him and stabbed him behind him and got his craws ready and scratched him but he missed. Next thing you knpow they srated the fight. The huge m9onster got stabbed 3 times and even cut his arm and still wont die. So Gilgamesh stood there for a couple second to thing where is the good place so he can die. He said, “ HEART “ The monster got him off guard and hit him twice and Gilgamesh started to get dizzy, and weak and BANG he was there laying down on the floor. The monster noticed him there and was walking forward to him. Gilgamesh was on his world already looking on the heaven, he started thinking about his people, the people he saved and the ones who love him, and he remembers he promised this little girl he’ll be back and save the land. He was rebirth, stood up and got ready to kill the monster, he went up to him and he remember that the strange guy said he, “Don’t stare at his eyes or else you’ll die”. He shut his eyes and got his sword and BANG he cut of the monster neck and he lay down the
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