The Epiphany Of Pet Peeves

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People’s pet peeves can range all the way from biting your nails to swallowing really loud. Every person has their own set of things they can’t stand or that bothers them to the breaking point sometimes. I believe the epiphany of pet peeves is the “cow chewers”. These are the people that obnoxiously chew their gum like a cow. When chewing gum in public, consider the feelings of others around you before chewing like a cow, popping bubbles, and cracking gum. Popping bubbles is unneeded when in a public space. It is loud and obnoxious, and can sometimes stick to your lips, making a mess to get off. It is not a fun time to listen nor see. Not everyone is interested in seeing how big of a bubble you can blow. Everyone has blown bubbles before
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