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Notes on the Book:
• First Impressions: This Pauline epistle seems to me very personable. Paul expresses genuine love and care for the people in this church. Also, this epistle seems more personal because Paul speaks about himself more than in any other epistle (it seems to me). Words like these: “my beloved and longed for brethren, my joy and crown….” - reveal to us that possibly Paul was a very affectionate pastor. There are many other verses that engulf our hearts in warmth and love for the word of God and people of God.

• Key Words: joy, rejoice

• Key Verse: There are too many to choose from but if I think that the key words are joy and rejoice then the key verse would be Phil. 4:4

• Literary Style: Epistle

• Main Theme(s):
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This church was planted by Paul during his 2nd missionary journey around AD 50. I have always loved the thought that the reason why Paul went there was because he had a vision of Macedonian man and yet when he goes there he meet a woman. I love the account where Paul goes down to the river to talk to women and he meets Lydia…and so this church was planted. But perhaps the man in the vision was the jailor who gloriously got saved, as he and his whole household was baptized. (Acts 16).
The Epistle to the Philippians is a prison epistle, which means Paul was writing while he was arrested. Most scholars agree that Paul was imprisoned in Rome when he wrote this epistle. However there are different opinions on this subject. The letter was written in early 60’s AD.

There are several subjects that Paul addresses in this letter. First of all he wants to prepare the church to receive some visitors. Also, Paul wanted to express care for the believers in that church. Warn them against various groups who would hinder the furtherance of the gospel. (Such as a group of believers who are envious of Paul, mutilators – who are similar to Judaizes mentioned in the epistle to Galatians, and some in the
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