The Epitome Of Selflessness In Bernie Madoff's Captain America

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Captain America represents the epitome of selflessness. Everything he does is meant to protect the well-being of innocent people. Looking back to his origin story, Steve Rogers wanted to enlist in the US military so that he could serve his country but he was too unhealthy to do so. He took part in an experiment and became a “Super Soldier.” From that point on, he became Captain America and every action was for America and the American people. He does not care for his own well-being if it means that he can help others. In the comic books, after the government wants to “tighten the reins” on him so that he works exclusively under their orders. Cap refuses to abandon his belief that he is meant to protect and represent the people of America and not the faceless government. Finally, Captain America ultimately sacrifices his life to protect the life of another. After Civil War (where Cap is fighting against Iron Man), Cap is shot point blank and his last words are asking if the crowd is…show more content…
While Cap may have been content with his choice to live in service of the people, he most likely did not experience happiness for the majority of his life. Bernie Madoff falls on at the deficient end of the virtuous spectrum. He lived a life of greed. Madoff committed multiple acts of fraud with a Ponzi scheme and now will spend the rest of his life in prison. A life of greed creates an illusion of happiness, but in reality, greed only leads to self-destruction. Mark Ruffalo, however, represents the mean between excess and deficiency. Ruffalo lives life in an altruistic way; he takes care of himself while also being a social activist and humanitarian. According to Aristotle, finding a balance between greed and selflessness, the deficient and excessive, will lead to a life involving long-term happiness. Therefore, way to make yourself truly happy is to live a life of
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