The Era Of Social Media And The Internet

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The inclusion of millions of websites, apps, and more platforms for groups to be in touch through media all over the world wide web or net nowadays, this is undeniably the era of social media . Due to this digital era, teenagers like myself are amongst the top users of most social networking websites on the net. Wheather it 's updating a twitter or facebook status, fitting a practical joke into 200 characters or uploading selfies and pictures on instagram, youths like myself are online most of the time. Social networking is a major part of culture for this modern society.
Recently, I 've seen an increase in the quantity of individuals on my facebook and twitter feed posting or writing lengthy articles about the negative impacts of social media on youths. Numerous adults seem to have an unfavorable aspect towards social media and it 's influence on today 's young generation. Don 't get me wrong, but there are a lot of unfavorable views on teenagers having entitlement to so much freedom on the web in this day and age. Publicists have unlimited opportunities to influence and manipulate social media users. Privacy is not exactly an alternative for most people who are using social media. Plus, the internet is an area that allows people to anonymously offend other innocent people. A huge problem in the last few years is cyberbullying, which is the use of electronic communication to bully a person. Another drawback of social media is that it can become dangerously addictive if

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