The Ethical Analysis Of Monsanto

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Monsanto has created some of the top innovating products for agriculture in the entire world. Monsanto started as a chemical company which would later evolve into a giant seed company. As stated before, Monsanto struggled with criticism over most of their products. During the stage of Monsanto’s chemical productions, the colossal company created Roundup which is a chemical herbicide to fight away insects and other harmful components to plants. Roundup immediately experienced negative feedback from the agricultural specialists. Critics suggested that Roundup would damage the environment due to its chemical compound. Also, critics impose that the mixture of chemicals and glyphosate in Roundup is more damaging to the environment than glyphosate alone (Fan, Geng, Ran, Wang, & Han, 2013). Not only was Roundup noted to harm other plants, but Roundup was believed to hurt animals. Furthermore, critics presumed that Roundup’s chemicals would cause animals to get sick and ultimately die. The primary animal of concern is fish that come in contact with Roundup. A question arises that asks how fish come in contact with Roundup. Many people spray Roundup near ponds or open water to kill the weeds around the water area. Assuming farmers do not know that Roundup is harmful to fish, they are careless when spraying around open water which the results in dead fish. With Roundup receiving the unethical viewpoints of critics, Monsanto decided to create a biotechnological seed that is Round
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