The Ethical Arguments Against Eating Meat

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Every day millions of animals are killed in order to make food. Mothers are taken away from their children and are slaughtered for meat. Before the animals are killed, they are held in confinement and treated very poorly. People should exclude meat from their diets because there are many proven beneficial effects. Not eating meat will cause less animal cruelty. One Green Planet says, “The animals we slaughter for food are extremely intelligent and sensitive creatures, and the way in which we treat them regardless of whether the meat is factory farmed, free range or organic, is abhorrently cruel” (Abigail Geer). We need to protect the animals on our planet. The violence will not stop, The Ethical Arguments Against Meat Eating says, “Most meat, dairy, and eggs, are produced in ways that largely or completely ignore the animal welfare- failing to provide sufficient space to move around, contact with other animals, and access to the outdoors,” (Matt Pickles). Animals should be treated with respect not forced into harsh living conditions.The ethical Arguments Against Eating Meat also says, “... industrial farming causes…show more content…
According to 5 reasons we should not slaughter animals for food, “ Research has proven that plants contain all the vitamins and nutrients that the human body needs to thrive” (Abigail Geer). We would all benefit healthily is we stopped eating meat, 8 reasons to stop eating meat states, “ You will look better. The extra vitamins and minerals you’ll take on contribute to better hair, skin, and nails” (No Author). Everyone wants to be healthier, and giving up meat is one step towards better health. Meat has been proven to cause some disease, 8 Reasons You Should Stop Eating Meat says, “ A carnivorous diet increases your risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Give up meat and you're more likely to have a healthy old age,” (No Author). Giving up meat will help you be

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