The Ethical Arguments Against Euthanasia

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Assisted suicide
Euthanasia is mercy way of helping a patient who is suffering from severe pain from a certain injury or disease to get rid of this pain by mercy killing or assisted suicide. Euthanasia is killing the patient without any rights of taking his own soul which is a gift from god just because he is feeling the pain which could be cured or healed in the future, also refusing medicines and drugs is kind of legal euthanasia even if it is a cause of financial problems. This essay will outline the arguments against euthanasia as no human being should have the right to kill another person even with his permission to avoid suffering from certain pain. Different religions had prohibited euthanasia, there are different ethical arguments as there must be respect for the sanctity of life and all lives must be equal in value, no life is more worth than other just because of suffering pain or injury, some practical problem which make it more prohibitive as there is no way of regulating euthanasia and also gives doctor too much power. So I totally believe that Euthanasia should be banned globally for religious, ethical and practical reasons.
Different faiths groups such as Christians, Muslims, Jewish and some other religions believe that god grants life and therefore god only have the right to take it. Suicide or euthanasia
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However, this is because of the insufficient -funding for palliative care and pain management, and governments’ stubborn dependence on nursing homes, all play roles to the despair felt by many people who are seniors, bear depressing physical limitations, of afflicted with debilitating conditions. So the reason that makes patients want to die is that there is no attention to such problems as the monopoly of low-quality-nursing care and low pay of personal
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