The Ethical Aspects Of Consequentialism

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Malek El Jubeily 21/July/2015

PHIL 210
Final Paper
Dr. Bashshar Haydar

Consequentialism is the theory were to judge something as moral or unmoral you must see if the consequence of the act is good, in different cases of consequentialism like egoism, altruism, and utilitarianism good is defined in different ways where in egoism the good is the act that brings the best consequence to yourself, altruism says that the good is the act that brings the best consequence for everyone except himself and utilitarianism that says the good is the act that brings maximum happiness and minimum pain to maximum number of people, and any other theory that looks at the effect of the act and not the act itself is considered a consequentialist moral theory. My first objection to consequentialism is that it seems to justify injustice and crime, imagine that someone was murder because of his race and the act started angry protestors that are closing the streets, the police would have a huge pressure to solve this crime as fast as possible, say that the police reached an dead end and don’t have a chance of catching him but the protestors are still angry and want justice so an police officer decides to fabricate evidence against an innocent man, the consequence of this act is that the family of the murder victim would be happy, protestors would be happy, people who were stopped from going to their work would be happy, and the public would feel safe, all for the life of an innocent man,
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