Consequentialist Moral Theory

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Malek El Jubeily 21/July/2015

PHIL 210
Final Paper
Dr. Bashshar Haydar

Consequentialism is the theory were to judge something as moral or unmoral you must see if the consequence of the act is good, in different cases of consequentialism like egoism, altruism, and utilitarianism good is defined in different ways where in egoism the good is the act that brings the best consequence to yourself, altruism says that the good is the act that brings the best consequence for everyone except himself and utilitarianism that says the good is the act that brings maximum happiness and minimum pain to maximum number of people, and any other theory that looks at the effect of the act and not the act itself is considered a consequentialist moral theory.
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My second objection is that it seems to neglect human rights and common sense, imagine that you are walking in the park and you see a rock is rolling down a hill and about to crush 5 kids playing at the bottom of the hill and you are standing next to a fat kid, you know for certain that the rock will crush the kids and kill them and the only way to stop that from happening is to push the fat kid in front of the rock and killing him, consequentialism…show more content…
My third objection is that it requires too much from a person as every decision you make you should think of every person on planet which is takes too much time and effort and is impossible as you don’t know if giving money to stranger in Somalia is better than giving it to a stranger in Uganda, and also if you decided to buy a new shirt it would be morally wrong as it will not be the best consequence giving the money to charity would be a better consequence, also watching TV would be morally wrong or surfing the internet or doing anything in your free time for your own happiness would be considered a bad consequence. My fourth objection is that it gives more weight to total strangers than to friends and family, so if you want to buy a new toy for your son it would be better to donate the money, or if your friend is in need of some help it would be better to help a group of strangers than your friends for example if your best friend asked for a hundred bucks, it would be better to give this hundred bucks to charity as a whole family can live on it for a week in Africa, so it will bring more happiness to send the money to Africa then to give it to your friend, even if he asked for help in moving to a new house
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