Lying: Film Analysis

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After the investigation on price fixing it was then revealed that mark had stolen over a million through his whole career at ADM. He was then prosecuted on 45 accounts of embezzlement and tax evasion and was sentenced 101/2 years in prison. The last ethical violation that occurred was the lying throughout the film Lying Lying is one of the most obvious aspects of unethical behaviour and within the whole story and Mark had the highest record of lies throughout the film. Firstly, by lying about the existence of a saboteur poisoning the production line because he could not find the root cause of the bug and instead of taking responsibility of the fail in the production line. This would eventually work against him, when the company had the FBI…show more content…
Businesses responsibilities Corporate responsibility refers to business’ obvious ethical responsibility towards honesty and integrity regarding business dealings. But corporate responsibility can be defined as businesses obligation to protect and promote the welfare of all stakeholders. in reference to “the king code”, which emphasises triple bottom line reporting, whereby the business is not only concerned about the internal stakeholders such as owners, shareholders and management but also the external stakeholders effected by business ‘operations. Corporate responsibility basically deals with socio-economic problems that government normally has to look into, so instead of waiting for government to enforce certain matters with legislation, it is better for business to take a more proactive stance help in improving society. Although it is important for business to make a profit and tend to its financial performance, it is also regarded as equally important to tend to the interests of the external shareholders. Primarily to be able to provide goods and services that meet the needs of the customer in a fair manner and also ensure sustainable socio-economic growth in the community or country they are operating…show more content…
Within the film, we learn that mark Whitacre, one of the company’s executives, had been embezzling millions over the course of his career working at ADM, but the most alarming note was the fact that mark made claimed that that type of behaviour was generally common at ADM and that it was actually the management that had taught him how to conduct these criminal offenses. This means that the leadership itself was not acting in the best interest of its stakeholders. Other principles regarding good corporate governance that were not present include: Transparency Transparency in regards to corporate governance refers to each shareholder being able to understand the processes and mechanisms involved in the decisions taken by business that affecting them and any other shareholder affected. In the case of ADM, one of the major stakeholders, being the customer, was not made aware of the fact that ADM and its competitors had fixed prices and that they were paying more than they should have being robbed of billions.

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