The Ethical Character Of Brutus In Julius Caesar

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In the time of the Roman Empire, power was the desire of the people and it was limited to those who can obtain it. Power was the evil of the people and to get it many decisions or actions had to be made, often being in the most unethical way possible. In Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, power was what mostly everyone wanted and a few were morally right. A man who can be seen as a murderer could also be seen as a honest and thoughtful person whom was named Brutus. Brutus was a Roman politician and a conspirator of the assassination of Julius Caesar. He was made a politician by the defeating of Pompey from Caesar, then pardoned him to eventually climbing the ranks to be one of the highest politicians. He is to become a greatly respected…show more content…
The characterization of Brutus proves that he rather make decisions for what is right and not for power which influences the fall of Caesar, the conspirators following him, and the outcome of his own life. Brutus in many ways can be seen as morally right and doing the best that he can, but he can be seen as swayed. In the beginning of the poem Brutus says about Caesar that he does “love him well” but then to say that he fears “the people Choose Caesar for their king” (Shakespeare 6). When it comes to people, Brutus is loving and wants the best for them. It's a decision between morals or friends and makes that decision clear that he rather choose the right morals over having a friend in power. Throughout the novel Julius Caesar's morals is to be seen as ambitious and wanting people to praise him while Brutus's morals being Humble and doing what is ethical. The Characteristics of Julius Caesar and Brutus contradict each other and Brutus does what his morals are to get rid of Julius Caesar or in the play to assassinate him. Another example of of his morally right decisions affecting an outcome is his influence on the conspirators. Cassius, a conspirator, is to ask why Caesar's name is to “be sounded more than” Brutus's name and then to say
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