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Professionalism in the Workplace No matter which career field, whether it 's in the food industry, healthcare, or behind the desk, all which involved customer services. With the proper greeting and well-dress show the first impression how this person shows the best interest in the workplace. The top rating profession for the most trusted service for 16th consecutive years is Nurses, a survey from Gallop, an American research-base on customer and employment engagement well-being. Nurses have the foundational code of ethics to provide guidance for professional behavior, particularly in human dignity, emphasis nurse-patient relationship, and collaborative care with the patient and team member. However, other ethical principles –autonomy, fidelity,…show more content…
Unintentionally is a common mistake that can cause patient harm such as medication error or wrong treatment, but these are something preventable mistake should perform a proper check before putting the patient in danger. Furthermore, the patient may feel offended by nonphysical contact –body gesture, posture, the tone of voice, verbal abuse, and questionnaire for instance. Another key point, intentionally doing is what the professionals have discussed with the patient and family member to agree to follow care plan among another healthcare team even though “do no harm” comes into play. In this case, the patient must undergo surgery to remove a tumor from brain, painful operation, but it’s necessary before the tumor has further growth and damage neurological functions. Another example, a patient in a mental health unit has gone out with anger tempting to harm others and won’t comply to staffs, so is it appropriate for staff to restrain outrage patient before some staff, other patients or oneself get hurt? Sound harsh, but it is a professional judgment that would-be welfare towards everyone from a dangerous…show more content…
No wonder Nurse was voted to be a more honest profession. The willingness to help others with compassionate, nonjudgmental, truthfulness, and faithful took a degree of trust between the nurse-patient relationship. Showing positive attitude, no matter what’s the patient perception outcome would be –nurse highly respect wishes and beliefs. Being professional, one must exhibit an independent performance, which patient can rely on truthful information when advocate. Ethical principle characteristics from the inside are golden values, but it is also carried out the same values for outside appearance. Well-groom, professionally dress is the first impression people will judge when coming to greet the customers. Overall, I would demonstrate good work ethics to every custom just like how I would like to receive good service back when I’m in

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