The Ethical Theory Of Utilitarianism

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Throughout this essay I will be discussing how we should handle moral disagreements. Specifically I will focus on the ethical theory of Utilitarianism, it benefits but also its disadvantages which shows it is a theory which should not be used to handle moral disagreements.
Utilitarianism is a type of relativist consequentialist ethic. Consequentialist ethical systems focus on the outcome of an action, rather than the agent or the action itself. Utilitarianism is a relativistic ethic because each time the outcomes of each ethical questions will be different. Utilitarianism considers the consequences of the action as an assessment of whether an action is morally right or wrong.
The beginnings of utilitarianism are often accredited to Jeremy Bentham.
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They may say that this objection to has misinterpreted utilitarianism and utility. The ‘wrong answers’ that they state are genuinely wrong answers. However, it is mistaken to think these solutions do not provide maximum net happiness, so utilitarianism would never propose them as solutions to moral disagreements (Austin, 2015). The problem with this argument is that in the use of the ‘small town judge’ example, it can be clearly seen that by using the Hedonic Calculus the answer which maximises happiness is to imprison an innocent man; the townsfolk would be happy that the crime is ‘solved’ and the riots would stop which prevents further crime, violence and injuries. When an example is applied to this argument we see that it falls short, however some supports of utilitarianism respond in a different…show more content…
Unless there is a way to prove that common sense is the ‘correct’ view then this “criticism has no force” (ibid). The problem with this response is that if utilitarianism does not cohere with humans’ common sense, then even if it does provide the ‘correct’ answers, it seems like a theory which is far removed for humans’ natural moral instincts and a challenge to understand, so would then not be the best theory to use when handling moral

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