The Ethical Use Of Racial Profiling In Law Enforcement

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Introduction You asked that I examine the investigative tool, criminal behavioral analysis, its racial misuse and controversial issues and whether it still has the ability to solve critical crimes using the method. Criminal profiling has always been a means of solving or assisting a crime and trying to prevent it from happening again. It helps narrow down the investigation down by pointing out certain behavioral characteristics of the kind of person who most likely committed the crime. The issue that I was presented with was racial misuse done by law enforcement and it’s impact on African Americans, Muslims, and other minorities. Criminal profiling is an effective tool for law enforcement but has been used in a harsh and inconsiderate way …show more content…

Racial profiling can occur when law officials use race to as a basis to suspicion in non-specific investigations. Creating a profile about the different kinds of minorities who commit certain types of crimes may lead officers to focus more on a particular group and act according to the general stereotype rather than particular behavior. An example of racial profiling could be the use of race to regulate which pedestrians to search for illegal goods or the use of race to regulate which drivers to stop for traffic violations, stopping mostly black or brown colored minorities. Stopping black drivers, just to see what law enforcement might discover, has become so frequent in some places that it has it’s own name: driving while black. A year-long study conducted by the Domestic Human Rights Program of Amnesty International USA found that the unlawful use of race in police, immigration, and airport security procedures has expanded since the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001. The study further found that state laws provide insufficient and inconsistent protection against …show more content…

In a study, 77.2% of profiling reports provided by the FBI was indeed considered useful in providing an outside perspective on a case and in helping to focus on the investigation. Criminal profiling may be misused by several law enforcement officials but you can not deny that has been a legitimate investigation tool for many years. With the progression of criminal profiling there is going to be misuse and misconceptions however, you can’t discredit the beneficial analysis that profiling brings. It’s efficiency in providing insight to the investigators showcased how a setback like racial misuse won’t interfere with getting the crime solved at the end of the

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