Abortion Vs Pro Life Essay

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Abortion has been a hot button issue in politics for as long as it has been around. For a long time, people have been divided into two groups, “Pro-Choice” and “Pro-Life”. The former of the two consists of those people who believe abortion is not wrong and should be legal to all women in the United States. Whereas the latter believe that abortion is an offensive act and should be illegal in this country. Each side brings their own points to the argument. Many people believe the only side Pro-Life advocates try to use to defend abortion is religion. That, however, is not true. This paper will set out to take a stand on why abortion should be illegal by looking at four main points that put religion aside. The medical world, political world, constitutional…show more content…
Much of it is divided down the middle, and the Pro-Choice and Pro-Life stances can be clearly viewed throughout whatever work one may be reading. Often, the bias is so strong throughout literature; it is hard not to read with a persuaded mind. The Ethics of Abortion acknowledges this issue stating that many of “those who are pro-choice call their opponents ‘anti-choice’” and “those who are pro-life refer to those who favor legalized abortion as ‘pro-abortion’” (Kaczor). This book, unlike many others, strives to not use this “loaded language”, because it has a way of instantly making the reader’s biases block their mind. This, therefore, is the type of information that will be focused on for presentation in this paper. Other types of literature that was useful for this paper was actual recounts from people who have experience with abortion. One particular issue of The American Journal of Nursing focused on statements from nurses regarding their opinions on abortion. Finally, the utilization of statistics posted by the Center for Disease control is another useful tactic for the organization of this…show more content…
This guarantees that when a fetus is killed in the process of its mother’s murder it is a victim. Therefore, this regards the fetus as a person with constitutional rights. The person who killed the women would be facing charges of double homicide, which is what you would be charged with in the case of the murder of two human beings (Public Law 108-212). It is incredibly hypocritical to allow a child to be considered a human being when a psychopath murders it, yet not when its own mother does, it is considered a constitutional right. There is no justification as to why this is

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