The Ethics Of Horse Racing

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Although the study is limited to a handful of time sensitive sources, mainly academic articles, the value of the research comes within a few years as the business trying to standardize uniform codes against illegal doping with state regulators and legislations after a high number of fatalities in horses and jockeys. Reasonable applications for this study incorporate horseracing 's high expenses and one in a million chances are just the same old thing false hope and all-out hustle. By studying the ethics of winning, the “king of sports” motivation continues to the worst enemy, which is interesting because all horsemen want a chance to win; therefore, further complicating the quietness of the social propaganda. Additional research by investigating medication guidelines and veterinarians regulating them could confuse the discussion by having the industry play by the same drug rules with one national advisory group. Applying this analysis to change people’s way of thinking suggests to be interesting because leaders should psychologically and socially try to regain confidence in the fans and participants of the sport by changing the way horse racing appears to the public.…show more content…
Even though Racinos may one day consume racing, by taking the focus off the greatest extent of enchantment such as the horses, which is how the business operates now, tracks could appear as amusement grounds to draw in families and younger ages to

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