The Ethics Of Humans: The Pros And Cons Of Cloning

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As individuals go along day-by-day, humans are creating and technology is advancing. These creations and advancements have made cloning , plausible. However, considering the idea of cloning is undeniably an immense idea to grasp one’s head around, humans cannot definitely say a simple yes or no when asked if they would like to clone a friend or family member.There are lots of consequential decisions to make due to all the benefits and setbacks that go alongside cloning. Although, as of today, there are no cloned humans, envision the presence of living as a clone or in a society with clones. Take this into consideration and acknowledge how it could impact humanity, as well as the cloned human. The advancing technology allows individuals to have the freedom of bringing their prescience about cloning humans into a reality, faster than one could imagine. One mistake could entirely deteriorate humankind more than benefit it. In today’s quickly-advancing technological age, human cloning is possible; however, it is unethical because it diminishes individuality, interferes with nature, and increases the risk of fatal failures.
In this world we live for the sake of individuality and what makes a person different from the other seven billion people. Individuality keeps society going and improving day-by-day. By the time scientists have found a successful way to clone humans, this process is going to create a trend, impacting humanity, which “would be a radical new form of
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