The Ethics Of Planned Parenthood

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Beginning in the 1910’s Margaret Sanger embarked on her legacy of reforming rights for women 's contraception by starting the birth control movement in the U.S. Before her reforms many state and federal acts outlawed the use of contraceptives and any talk of contraceptive care through and mail was forbidden by the Comstock Law. Woman who had been victims of Rape or insest did not have a safe place to receive care to prevent unwanted pregnancies, instead these victims were looked down upon and demoralized in society. In the late 19th century Sanger started publishing on magazines and creating her own articles supporting the use of contraception. Soon after Sangers publishings were viewed by the public the Justice Department indicted her for…show more content…
After over one hundred years Margaret Sanger 's Legacy continues to spark conflict and controversy in the United States. Many consider Planned Parenthood a successful movement that has advocated for the rights a woman has over their own bodies. Others label these services that Planned Parenthood offers as unethical and completely immoral. Many progressive era issues that have been dealt with over time have been resolved, but as new reforms advocating women 's rights are proposed and demanded, questions regarding these more radical forms of contraception, like abortion are being questioned. The responses Sanger received from people were negative including the U.S. government, but through her determination and the will to fight for what she believed in Sanger was able to completely reverse the laws on birth control. From the first women 's contraceptive clinic she founded in Brooklyn, Planned Parenthood has grown into over 650 federally funded clinics across the country. The work of Wendy Davis today has been fighting for those clinics and organizations like Planned Parenthood, continuing to progress and educate people on contraception. One subject relating to women 's contraception that Sanger and Davis have different view on is abortion. Sanger spoke openly about being agienst abortion saying contreception is the only solution, today Davis fights constantly against many anti abortion laws that put organizations like Planned Parenthood at risk. The subject of women 's contraception has been a controversial topic ever since it was made legal over one hundred years ago, and today the conversation is more controversial than ever. As new government officials with different ideas plan to change the way contraception is looked at, the future of Sanger 's legacy
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