The Eurocentric Nature Of International Relations Theory And World Politics

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As the famous saying goes, “The strong do what they will while the weak do what they must," so let it be with the counties of the world and the role they play in International Politics. Eurocentrism is a concept that places Europe at the centre of the world. Assuming that it is self containing and self representing, the entire world is looked at with Europe at the centre. Eurocentrism bias leads to an illogical understanding of International Relations and makes politics and judgement to incline in the favour of the powerful. In this essay, I will critique the Eurocentric nature of International Relations theory and world politics. The one-sided understanding and definition of global problems that leave out the problems of the Third World, where majority of the conflicts take place.

Post colonialism is a concept that sees International Relations and global politics as presenting a partial outlook of the world political scenario and discredits the current economic, social and political structure that has emerged as a result of colonialism. Postcolonial theory is a critique of the main stream International Relations theory and challenges the central nature of the European nations. Post Colonial approaches help us to make sense of the current political scenario, we can relate the current events to the acts of Imperialism and Colonialism and the ways in which people were affected by them. In this essay, I will take the recent attacks on Paris and explain how they were a result

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