The European Renaissance Period

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Introduction The Renaissance was a period during which Europe flourished through the middle ages. The Renaissance comes from the French word rebirth. Given the name Rebirth, it was not only a historical period in Europe, but also the emerging of a new spirit of intellectual and creative review. It was the main feature in the religious, political, and theoretical sensation. Moreover, it represents the renewal of the spirit of both Rome and ancient Greece and for literature, a new meaning in the analysis of famous writers of classical literature. The Renaissance did not only affect many nations in Western Europe, it also affected other nations, cities, and regions internationally. Dramatists revitalized and reinventing the classical traditions of both Greeks and Romans, while poets carry out a trial with form. According to Britannica (2017), “The flowering of the Renaissance in France appeared both in the poetry of the poets making up the group known as the Pléiade and in the reflective essays of Michel de Montaigne, while Spain at this time produced its greatest novelist, Miguel de Cervantes”(p. 1). The European Renaissance that happened between the 14th to 17 centuries reached a level unforeseen by earlier periods. Multiple happenings defined the Renaissance period, but the evolution of the Renaissance can be narrowed down to three fundamental characteristics - new interest in learning, new form Christianity, and the voyages of the great explorers. The Renaissance period
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